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Written by  on July 5, 2015 

game_iconSo hello everyone! as I mentioned in my last post, I was taking over the adventurer Manager program from another. Here’s how it’s been going so far:

I’ve basically been working this project for the better part of two weeks. The code was originally written by a member of VA who goes by MajicPanda — a pretty cool nice guy. He had to stop because of life and family and whatnot.  I do have some correspondence over gmail, which has help drastically in wading through the code base. After that, it was taken over by another for a short period of time who did some bug fixes, and added the first little bit to Endless Tower. He also had to drop from the project due to real life.DLC_Map_Icon_Open

That is where I am now. Today I released my first “real” dev patch with a randomly generated dungeon, and I just wanted to talk about how I got there. Majic had created this game with little knowledge of OOP, which initially caused a bit of a headache for me since stuff is kind of all over the place in this game. Also, the game was created before the rise of Unity 5.x, which means for a lot of the 2d image displays are handled by third party scripts and assets.

Basically I’ve spent the better part of these last two weeks wading into the code, figuring out how things work, when they are called, and how to work with the third party tools that were included (tk2d, a JSON data manipulation tool, Steamworks and NGUI). This was more trial and error than anything, and now I have a decent working knowledge of how it all interacts.

The biggest thing I have learn from all of this? ORGANIZATION MATTERS. Stuff is kind of all over the place as far as assets go and whatnot, and it’s just been a pain figuring out where a certain resource was located, because it’s not uniform. Being someone who is already pretty damn OCD about file storage, this just about killed me 😛

But hey! That’s all over with now, and I can get to creating new content and fixing all the bugs for Adventurer Manager. I know there are many out there who have been waiting a while for this to get released finally, and I’m happy to oblige them.

My thanks to the many wonderful patient customers who have been unbeliably understanding about the delay in the DLC. I’m hoping to have things out for you soon!

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