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Written by  on July 30, 2014 

So, I’ve been a busy kid as of late. Was getting my brain wrapped around the whole 3D engine thing and whatnot. I made some pretty rad progress on the whole thing. Hell, two weekends ago, I made a simple item collection 2d side scroller (with automatic death pits) in about 8 hours. Unfortunately the compilation of programs in Unreal leaves a bit to be desired, and I didn’t want to put it up here since it seemed to be a pain getting to run consistently on non-Unreal Engine 4 machines — But that hardly matters now, cause as of this week we’re switching to Unity.

I was a bit bummed about this move honestly. I have tried working with Unity before and was just as lost as when i started playing with Unreal. Needless to say I had a little bit of apprehension of switching engines because of this.  But as I go back to Unity, I realize that much of what I learned playing with the UE4 GUI has translated over to Unity pretty seamlessly. I no longer feel lost, and was able to jump right in to some tutorials. Speaking of which, I’m currently going through the tutorials provided by http://www.gamertogamedeveloper.com — The lessons are a bit on the longer side from what I’ve seen so far, and he’s starting out by teaching less epxcerienced people, so it’s started a little slow, but I love it so far. Plus, I get to play in C# again! WOO! I really have come to appreciate the language.

Hopefully in a couple weeks here I’ll have a simple Top Down multiplayer fragfest to share with you all. I have a little plan of things I am testing 🙂

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