It’s always the network’s fault.

Written by  on August 13, 2014 

Hi friendos,

So I’ve been working hard, learning things and whatnot. VERY comfortable with Unity now, and once again, I’m outpacing my training material, and kinda going off on my own tangents and learning things. Very fun so far 🙂

I went ahead and shelled out for G2GD’s steam bundle, since it’s very very helpful in getting fully acclimated with Unity3D. The guy worked hard.

So far I’ve been diving into the network code, learning about RPCs, and how to call code specifically from the client or network. It’s been fun, and as of last night I can do the following things:

  • Run a dedicated server
  • Have players connect and disconnect from the server, communicating both ways as needed (Server passing average ping, server name, and the like, while being able to find out itself how many are connected, and on what teams
  • Being able to control your own character, without granting access to all players.
  • Shoot a projectile that has collision detection, and if it hits the floor (as opposed to a wall or player) — It will explode with a neat little particle effect
  • Spawning and respawning depending on what team you choose.

What’s next: I believe creating a communication system, displaying each character’s name above them and actually doing damage, like for realsies.

It’s been fun, and once I’m done with this tutorial, in order to test my knowledge I have a sweet ass little multiplayer game lined up. It will be a top-down frag fest, in the style of Mario Kart’s battle mode with ricocheting bullets and whatnot. Should be great 🙂

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  1. Eric says:

    That’s a lot of progress considering you just got your server–what, a week ago? Nicely done. The top down frag fest idea sounds like great, frenetic fun. Man, I miss Mario Kart battle mode.

  2. Shaun says:

    Hahaha, I haven’t even setup the server yet. I’m waiting for a certain flash drive 😛 I’m running the dedicated server from my computer as I run the client. This will make it easier to test multiple people once I get the server going though. Only downside, I can’t make a console server until I get Unity Pro. Le sigh.

    But yeah, I plan on having different power ups and a couple maps with different hazard types. Floors that set fire, water for slowness and floors covered in ice, stuff like that.

    • Eric says:

      The map hazards sound crazy awesome. I love dynamic multiplayer maps.
      Samurai Gunn has a pretty extremely example in its destructible bamboo tiles that gradually grow (by copying themselves to an adjacent tile).
      – Skip to 4:00 for a level made entirely from bamboo that you’ve pretty much got to dig your way through.
      – Skip to 38:50 for a level with only a sparse bamboo floor (over a bed of spikes) that gradually grows to take over and reshape the level.

      No idea if any of that will be applicable to your game, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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