Something Brand New.

Written by  on June 24, 2014 

Last week has been a couple few busy weeks. I started gaining some momentum working on break-out… When Wildstar came out. I’ve been waiting for this game for years. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been playing it way too much.

I ended up joining an online gaming community called Vigilant Addiction. They had a neat theme going on, had been gaming together for years, and being myself, I can’t resist the whole Devil and God Raging Inside me vibe. Heh.

So I joined, and got to know these guys. Pretty early on though, I heard them talking about game development. I spoke up and mentioned that I was a coder, and dabbling in game design. They introduced me to their studio, VA-Studios, and to their project out on steam, Adventurer Manager. Well, the ball started rolling behind my back, and Strikes, who runs the studio offered me some work as their programmer for a new upcoming project. I gave it some thought, being that I am still in the infant stages of learning, and after an experience at work (a positive one), I had a nice surge of badassery and decided it was good idea.

I just sent in the contract signed right before starting this blog entry.

Now I’ll just be doing general programming work within Unreal Engine 4 for them for now — putting in functions and whatnot that aren’t already available through the Blueprint system. So expect to see more from me in that regard soon.

I’m still learning. They know this, I know this. I’m just going in a brand new direction.

Gaming — It is the smell before rain. It is the blood in my veins.

Okay, done with the Brand New puns. Seriously.

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