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So I’m sorta on a pseudo vacation. Won’t see any programming related posts for about a week or so. Maybe. Probably. However, I can import some pearls of wisdom upon to you:

  • Never leave your damn ID with TSA by accident. You’d think I know better.. But it happened. Now my stomach gets to do soumersalts all week while I ponder how exciting it will be to try to get on my return flight. YAY!
  • Apparently reserving a hotel room doesn’t actually mean reserving a hotel room. I got a call last night an hour before my planned check-in from the hotel manager stating that they were “overbooked” and that my reservation never meant anything cause they never charged me up front in the first place. This is good to know for future use! Jesus.

So it’s been a hell of a trip so far. Grumble. Ah well, can’t have everything going smoothly all the time, can we? At least I get to see my niece though. She was rockin’ the Princess Zelda outfit I gave her yesterday, it was neato. Tiny little thing though.


Anyway, I’ll be back next week for super awesome programming action. I might get bored and write up an article about systems I admire in other games and the like.

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